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What is the theoretical Perfect Currency?

Can't be lost, can't be stolen, fixed supply, 100% private, No user accounts, no transaction tracking, free to use, quantum safe, globally scalable, transacts in seconds, easy to use. Can be turned into dollars and other money in seconds.

These are the goals of the makers of CloudCoin. And they have already met most of them 100%.

How are Cloudcoins produced? Are they mined? What gives CC value?

CloudCoin's mission is to have no inflation or deflation. All CloudCoins were minted in August 2016. There will never be any more created. CloudCoin is a monetary system and monetary systems are information systems that track who creates value so that they can receive the same value from others. CloudCoin is excellent at truthfully and accurately tracking who did what and that creates the world most just and fair currency. CloudCoin is 100% private and has no fees. It is fast to transact and scalable to the entire world population.

Followup Questions

What does minted mean? Did you mean mined? Crypto currencies are either “minted” or “mined.” Bitcoin and Etherium are “mined” meaning that you have to show that you spent a large amount of electricity to create a new one. Other currencies like EOS and Ripple are minted meaning they are created without spending a large amount of electricity. CloudCoins cannot be minted or mined but were originally minted.
How were they minted/mined? What was the process like? Can you explain the mechanics? When CloudCoin started, there were 25 servers side by side. Each one generated 16,777,216 cryptographically secure 16 byte universally unique authentication numbers. These numbers were selected to create 16,777,216 files each with a serial number and twenty five authenticity numbers. The servers were then sent to the RAIDA Admins and the coins were sent to a secure server in Switzerland under the control of the “Mint Master” who pays out the coins every month according to ownership blocks.
What do you mean by create value? What value? Monetary systems are information systems that allow us to have “Division of Labor”. Each worker has a specific task instead of everyone needing to hunt or farm for their food. We each create value for this system and we each should be able to extract matching value. So a medical doctor who saves people’s lives creates more value than a janitor who cleans the floors. The medical doctor should be able to buy more things than the janitor. Adam Smith coined the phrase Division of Labor in his 1776 classic ‘The Wealth of Nations.’
How does Cloudcoin do this well? Scholarly work on information systems shows that there are three general things that info systems need: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. CloudCoin does all three of these things better than any other cryptocurrency. And, CloudCoin has a fixed supply that guards against inflation.
How is Cloudcoin 100% private? What makes it private? If a currency requires you to have an account, it is not private. If a currency shows everything on a public ledger, it is not private. If a currency tracks all transactions in a blockchain, it is not private. If a currency handles transactions by third parties (miners), it is not private. With CloudCoin, the only thing that happens is coin authentication by the RAIDA. There are no digital transactions. There are no user accounts. There are no ledgers to read. There are no records stored about transactions.
What makes it scalable? Scalable means that you can add more users and the system does not become slower. In information systems, there are architectures that are considered unscalable and others that are considered vertically or horizontally scalable. CloudCoin’s architecture is both horizontally and vertically scalable.

What’s the purpose of using files? How can I use this to my advantage?

CloudCoin's mission is to have 100% privacy. You cannot achieve this with public ledgers that require accounts. CloudCoin is the first real digital cash. The United States Dollar is just a file written on paper. The paper that the United States Dollar is written on is not money. Money is the data written on the paper and this data gets its physical integrity from the anti-counterfeiting properties of the paper and ink used in the dollar. At CloudCoin, we have breakthrough technology that allows us to achieve physical integrity digitally. CloudCoin is cash. All other systems based on the Blockchain are just bank accounts that require fees, accounts and lack privacy.

Followup Questions

The breakthrough technology is the RAIDA, right? Yes, the RAIDA is something new and has been patented so there will not be thousands of CloudCoin clones like has been done with cryptocurrencies.
What is physical integrity? Physical integrity and Logical integrity make CloudCoin the best. Physical integrity is the protection of data’s wholeness and accuracy as it is stored and retrieved. Many things threaten Physical integrity such as natural disasters, hackers, governments, coding errors and even RAIDA Administrators.
How does this technology achieve physical integrity? Physical integrity is achieved by removing all Systemic Risk of Failure. There is no one thing that could go wrong to bring down the entire system.
Is physical integrity digitally the same as digital integrity? The term “Digital Integrity” is not used much in information systems. Howeve,r ti would apply to the combination of Physical and Logical Integrity.
What gives the USD it’s value is also the trust the people have in it and in the institutions that back it (in this case, the US Government). In this case, what gives Cloudcoin it’s value? The value of the US dollar comes from its Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Besides CloudCoin, the US dollar is the most confidential form of payment on the planet. It is difficult to counterfeit. CloudCoin is impossible to counterfeit. The user Dollar suffers from inflation. CloudCoin has no inflation. The US dollar and it is liquid meaning it can be exchanged for other goods, services and other currencies. CloudCoin is in the process of becoming liquid. Once CloudCoin becomes more liquid, it will be the most valuable currency in the world and will dominate.

Does Cloudcoin (the company) have control over all the coins? How do I know this isn’t an exit scam?

CloudCoin has several core team that would not be involved in a scam and CloudCoin has a patent and patents. These people include Michael Terpin who is the Founder and CEO of the Transform Group. This is the group that helped hundreds of Coins have ICOs including Ethereium, Dash, EOS, Teather and many more. We also have Phil Flynn who is a Fox News Contributer and works at the CME who has the Bitcoin Future's market. Another big help is Kevin Harrington who is the inventor of the Infomercial and the original Shark on Shark Tank. Lastly CloudCoin has a huge amount of delelopers and administrators.

Followup Questions

If there is no Cloudcoin company, how do you call the team behind this? (Sean, Ivan, even Andrew and UX studio)? The CloudCoin Consortium. con·sor·ti·um: an association, typically of several business companies. We have a least 100 different entities in the Consortium.
Don’t administrators have control over the coins? Otherwise, how can we recover stolen coins and lost coins? Each Admin must send coin fragments to a the user. The user must put all the fragments together. There is no centraliztion.
Who are administrators? How does one become an administrator? Why would someone want to become an administrator? RAIDA Admins are world class system administrators. To become a RAIDA Admin you must be recruited. We don't take people who request to be RAIDA Admins for security reasons. They must pass a philosophical exam showing that they are a libertarian. They must sign the Constitution of the RAIDA Admins.
What does data supremacy mean? How does the RAIDA achieve data supremacy? Data supremacy is when a database has no systemic risk of failure and cannot be made unavailable by governments, hackers or even the people who created it.
How does the patent tell me this isn’t an exit scam? First, there is no organization that will ask you to invest or that will tell you that CloudCoin is an investment. The CloudCoin Consortium will ask you to be a sponsor of our software development on Github: GitHub. CloudCoin is spent into existence and not sold into existence. There have only been two patents for digital currency granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. CloudCoin has one of them. Patent number 10,650,375. This is a major achievment for mankind that will help set us free. If you want 100% privacy, loss recovery, quantum safety and much more, there is only one coin that deliveres: CloudCoin. CloudCoin will dominate. It is just a matter of time.
Do you have an online version of the book? Beyond Bitcoin

What makes CC decentralized?

CloudCoin's goal is to have data supremacy and that requires there be no single point of failure and it must be quantum safe. With CloudCoin there are no people who have all the data and no people who have all the administrative powers. With Blockchain, everyone has all the data and this means quantum computers will destory all blockchains in just a few years.

Blockchain depends on Concensus but Consensus is not truth. CloudCoin works as long as as one of the 25 RAIDA Clouds is trusted.

In order to be the owner of a CloudCoin, you must have the 25 Authenticity Numbers for that coin. Each one of the 25 RAIDA Admins will know one of your Authenticity Numbers. As of 12/16/2020, there are about 30K users of CloudCoin and the data is spread out amount them. Unlike Blockchain that provides a centralized way to see who owns what, CloudCoin cannot be read because the data is spread out over 20 different countries.

What do you mean by the blockchain has many copies? In order to have a real Bitcoin/blockchain wallet, you must have the Blockchain on your computer. This blockchain that is on your computer is the exact same as the blockchain on hundreds of thousands of other servers (assuming it is synced)
Why does Cloudcoin work as long as one of the 25 RAIDA clouds is trusted? Imagine that you had a drivers license from 25 states. You only need one to get into the bar.
Who are these 25 RAIDA Admins? How are they chosen? What incentive do they have to be admins? The identities of the Admins is a secret to protect them from being killed by governments and held hostage by criminals. However, their identities may be made public once the RAIDA’s infrastructure has been built out. They were recruited from websites where the identities of system administrators are shared such as the Microsoft Professionals Website. The Admins are lovers of freedom and are also paid 1% of all CloudCoin and can mine for lost CloudCoins.
The fact that 25 different servers know different parts of your password is what makes Cloudcoin decentralized? Yes. Instead of one person with one password logging in to one server with one database, we have many CloudCoins with many passwords logging in to many servers with many different databases. This is unique and has not been done before.
Is the data distributed amongst the 25 RAIDA servers or among the 30K users? Each raida has 1/25 of the data. The CloudCoins have 100% of the data. But each CloudCoin only has its own data. The CloudCoins are distributed among 30K people and growing.
If Cloudcoins are decentralized, how can it be that the CloudCoins that are not in circulation can be bought at First, the coins cannot be bought at CloudCoin.Global. CloudCoin.gobal has links to other sites that sell them. Second, the coins bought on other sites are all in circulation. Arbitrage allows coins to be bought on European exchanges for $.007 and sold to Americans for $.010. Americans are willing to pay the markup because it is convenient and the only way that they can get them because European exchanges do not allow Americans to exchange.

What makes CC safe?

CloudCoin is safe because it has Data Supremacy thanks to the RAIDA. There are only two other data structures in the world that have this: The Blockchain and the Root DNS servers. The Root DNS servers are used by billions of people each day and the system has never gone down since the day it was created in 1985. The RAIDA is based on the Root DNS servers but instead of having 13 servers we use 25.

Followup Questions

How is RAIDA based on the root DNS server? They both form a "cloud" and get their data supremacy from redundancy. Cloudcoins each have a serial number and network number that can be expressed as an IP address with a FQDN allowing us to keep coins in a DNS server and called upon by a secret name.
What do they have in common and what are the differences between RAIDA and Root DNS servers? DNS root servers have 13 clouds and RAIDA has 25 clouds. Root DNS have copies of the same data. RAIDA each have their own unique data.
How do Root DNS servers achieve data supremacy If hackers could take over the DNS Root servers they would control all Internet traffic. However, this has never been done since the root servers were setup in 1985. This is because the Root DNS servers create a redundant array of independent name resolvers. They are located in different jurisdictions around the world and have no systematic risk of failure. Just like the RAIDA.

Does CC have any fees? How can this work without fees?

The mission of CloudCoin is for it to be 100% free to use. Because CloudCoin uses the RAIDA and not blockchain it is hyper efficient. The RAIDA is based on the DNS system. Billions of people use this system each day and pay no fees. The RAIDA is run by world class system administrators who are volunteers. However, RAIDA Administrators are allowed to mine for lost coins. Any coin that has not been authenticated in over five years is considered lost and can be mined to pay RAIDA Admins.

Followup Questions

Why do administrators volunteer? Does anyone know who they are? The RAIDA Admins hope to become very rich. Only RAIDA Admins know other RAIDA Admins and no RAIDA Admins know all the others.
Can you explain the process of mining for lost coins? How does that work? There is a script that each RAIDA admin will run every month starting January 2022. This script selects all serial numbers and authenticity numbers of coins that have not been authenticated since December 2017. The script then checks these coins against a lost coin report that users have filed with them by users. Then they will make a list of all lost coins, and all found coins that should go to users. Each RAIDA emails coin fragments (through the Guardians) so that those who lost the coins are able to recover them. Then the lost coins are divided into 25 groups. All RAIDA Admins send their first group of coin Authenticity Numbers to RAIDA0. They send their next group to RAIDA 1 and so on. Each RAIDA admin will put their group of coins together and then take ownership of them.
Who pays for the cost of the RAIDA? How much energy/money does it cost to keep the RAIDA up and running? CloudCoin is the most efficient payment system in the world requiring very little bandwidth and power usage. Each RAIDA Admin pays for their own cloud independently. Energy usage is 10,000 kWh compared to the nearest competitor 438,000 kWh (Believed to be XPR). See details: CloudCoin's Energy & Bandwidth Use.
So I have to authenticate my coins every 5 years so they can’t be mined by other people? What does authenticate mean in practice? Does it mean I have to deposit/withdraw all my coins every 5 years? How is the date of the last authentication stored? This means you must change the Authenticity numbers of the coins every five years. You can change the passwords to the same ones. We have something called a “Health Check” built into the latest software that does this.

Why should I store my CC offline?

The mission of CloudCoin is eliminate any systemic risk of theft. Therefor, all CloudCoins are storred offline unless you put them into a CloudBank like Skywallet or some webstorage like dropbox. Cloudcoins are files and they can be stored anywhere that files can be stored. This includes USB drives buried underground or on your desktop. Because you can put your CloudCoin files in different locations and you can encrypt them, this radically reduces the risk of theft compaired to Blockchain-based currencies.

If my coins are safe on Skywallet, in which cases and why is it best to store my coins offline? Like the Blockchain, the Skywallet is pseudo anonymous. If a Skywallet RAIDA was to fall into the hands of the wrong people, they could see what accounts have what money. Although they could not see histories of trades, they could start recording the history of trades. Also, if they can link your account number to you, they can see what money you have received. Note: Skywallet is not CloudCoin. Skywallet is a CloudBank that stores CloudCoin.
If using Skywallet is less safe, why? What are the pitfalls of Skywallet? We have made Skywallet so that it is possible to send CloudCoin 100% anonymously. However, you cannot transfer CloudCoin 100% anonymously or receive CloudCoin 100% anonymously. For this you must have a CloudCoin to login. If someone can link your name with that CloudCoin, they will know how much money you have.

Does CC use blockchain?

One of the goals of CloudCoin is to be Quanum Safe. CloudCoin is the only coin that is quantum safe and does not use encryption schemes that stores every transaction to track who has what money. Instead, Cloudcoins are transferred (By file transfer) between people and then the receiver should authenticate them and change the Authenticity Numbers so that only they know these numbers. So CloudCoin does not need a Blockchain but instead needs a counterfeit detection system. That is what the RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) does. It simply checks to see if a coin is authentic.

So the 25 RAIDA servers each verify that one of the passwords is correct and changes that password, right? Yes
How can RAIDA be decentralized if it has administrators? All monetary systems have administrators. Cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain usually call theirs “miners.”
What is an array? A whole bunch of things that are the same type.
What are detection agents? People who can tell if part of the CloudCoin is authentic based on the serial number and authenticity number.
What is a redundant array of Independent detection agents? Please read Introduction to RAIDA Technology by Sean Worthington.

What’s the point of transferring cc through email / whatsapp / etc? Isn’t it less safe?

Transfering coins through messaging systems is very safe if the messaging and storage systems are encrypted. Most message systems use SSL and that will protect your coins during transfer. SSL is not quantum safe and this will be a vulnerability in the future. CloudCoin, Skywallet and RAIDA Mail all have the ability to use AES encryption that is quantum safe. RAIDA Mail provides the most sercure and private email system in the world that is quantum safe and 100% private. CloudBanks like Skywallet are also extremly safe although they are pseudo annonymouse and use a private ledger system.



What is the safest way to store Cloudcoins?

To safely store CloudCoins for long periods of time, we suggest you put them on an encrypted USB drive and a copy of them on another USB drive. Then hide one drive in your house. Hide the other drive in a jar buried in a forest somewhere. We are developing RAIDA Data and this will be the safest-way to store any data and files including CloudCoins. That is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2021. Until then, the CloudCoin Consortium recommends that you store your coins in multiple locations for fault tolerance. The CloudCoin Consortium recommends as one place to store a copy of your coins.

Why image or audio files?

CloudCoin Image CloudCoin's goal is to be 100% private. CloudCoin can be hidden in any file including image files such as png and jpeg. And, it is also helpful for marketing purposes. Suppose you want to increase your email open rate so you include a png banner ad that has a Cloudcoin in it. People will open the email just to get the Cloudcoin and they will read the banner add at the same time. We also use these file and any other files because we can hide coins in them. These coins can be placed in plain site.

Does Cloudcoin fluctuate? Can I see a chart of CC somewhere?

To make CloudCoin easy to integrate on exchanges, we have created CloudCoin Etherium. One CCE equals one CC. CCE can be exchanged for real CloudCoin using automated servers. To exchange CloudCOin for CCE use these sites: Withdraw Deposit. You can see how many coins are being powned by going to:

Where else can I buy CC? Any exchanges?

The goal of CloudCoin is that you should be able to turn your coins into dollars within seconds. You can buy CloudCoin at very good exchanges like and easier exchanges are in the works.

Can I keep CC on a crypto ledger? (ex: nano ledger)

CloudCoins are files and you can store them anywhere that files can be stored including video games and other programs. To be safe, you don't want any other people to read these file. If you want to store your CloudCoins in a place that is available on any device, we suggest creating a Skywallet.

What happens if I lose my coins?

CloudCoin is the only digital currency that can be recovered if lost. This supports the Goal of CloudCoin to have no deflation and to be 100% fair. There are two ways to recover your lost coins. Most software gives you the option of embedding a recovery email in your coins. That way, if you lose them you can get them back immeditaly. This does come with some security risks. Another way is for you to file a lost coin report with the RAIDA and wait five years. When the RAIDA mine for lost coins, they will check this report and return coins to you if your claim appears to be legitamate.

What is the RAIDA?

The Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents is a redundant authentication system that has Data Supremacy (cannot be brought down). It was inpsired by the root DNS system. It consists of 25 Clouds located in 20 different legal juristicions. Each Cloud is run by an indpendent organization who were given 1% of all CloudCoins to begin with and are able to earn more CloudCoins by recovering lost CloudCoins (coins that have not been authenticated in over five years). Each RAIDA has a tabled called the "Authenticity Numbers" table. Each Authentication table has exactly 16,777,216 rows. This number is exactly a three byte integer. Each row in the table has three columns. One column is for the Serial Number of the cloudcoin 1 through 16,777,216. The second column is for the Authenticity Number which is a GUID. A 16 byte binary number like d8bfe1596ba840389822057dc597fe2c The third colum is the "Month Last Authenticated" and it tracks when the coin should be considered lost.

When a person wants to authenticate a coin, the person will send the RAIDA a Detection Request. The Detection Request consists of the Serial Number, Authenticity Number, and the Proposed Authenticity Number. The RAIDA changes the Authenticity Number in the Authenticity Numbers table to the Proposed Authenticity Number if the Authenticity Numbers match. The requester is sent either "pass" or "fail".

Each RAIDA has a different Authenticity Number.

Who ownes all the CloudCoins?

CloudCoin did not have an ICO and did not collect other currency to pay for its development. Instead, development for CloudCoin was paid for with CloudCoin. This website ( was purchased with CloudCoin. CloudCoin is spent according to a five year plan which ends December 2021. At that point, all CloudCoins will be spent from the mint and the supply in circulation will be completely fixed.

NOTE: This domain name was bought with Cloudcoin